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Growing Online with Blue Whale Media

When it comes to marketing agencies the choices are as vast as the sea, there are countless creative ideas and execution plans that seem enticing for your business model, there are growth plans, revenue generation plans and so many more. 

So why do some people pick some agencies over others? That's what we are here to answer with our experience and guide you to choosing the right agency for your business. But before all that let's dive into why you need an agency in the first place?

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The Growth of Marketing Agencies

The dynamic shifts in consumer behaviour and the digital landscape have contributed to the exponential expansion of marketing firms in recent years. As firms recognised the growing opportunities for brand presence online, marketing consultancies arose to help them navigate this complex landscape. 

The rise of social media, search engine optimisation, and digital advertising demanded the use of specialised skills, encouraging businesses to seek external assistance. By handing over this dynamic subject to a source with expertise many businesses are able to be more resourceful and focus on other aspects of the business that require management internally.

Picking The Right Partner

When picking an agency to work with, the skill set and resources available are becoming a diminishing requirement as with the development and release of new programs and AI, smaller agencies are able to go toe to toe with their bigger competitors. 

The focus is shifting to finding a partner who can easily integrate into the company's operation and culture. Adaptability, resilience and creativity are becoming the driving factors of what sets agencies apart. 

This shift in focus is due to the dynamic nature of most businesses, the landscape changes rapidly due to technological innovations and businesses are requiring more competent resources to keep up and concur these trends, it’s more of finding long term partnerships than a short term contract, henceforth the focus is heavily on integration compatibility. 

Blue Whale Media

Blue Whale had its humble beginnings in 2022 which was driven by passion and a will to be a unique agency in the swarm of options. Blue Whale puts culture and mindset at it’s forefront of operations which drive us down a unique path of steady growth and innovation.

Our aims are to be your digital partner and integrate into your team and not just be an external agency. How do we aim to be a partner? Well we have thought about that as well.

Blue Whale has 4 core principles that we follow

  • We are open and honest with our customers. We do not have any ulterior motives or only think of our gain. We communicate openly with you and we tell you what will work or not that includes saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to an idea.

  • We are built with heart and brain. What we mean is we ensure to take a human centric approach to our work whether it be creating content or designing interfaces, we aim to communicate with a human on the other end of the screen.

  • We don’t screw the customer. Yes it’s the truth, we know we only get paid if you get paid and since we are not here for a quick buck we keep it real and make sure your success is a smooth journey.

  • Lastly we want to be part of your team, we want to grow together and we want to operate cohesively. Think of it like an extra cog wheel in a gear-set that drives the machine forward at a greater rate. 

In Conclusion

Regardless of the industry you operate in, having a digital presence is becoming a greater necessity. This is because of the widespread technological developments and ability for consumers to access information. 

In today's context a brand's socials and online presence say a lot. You can be the greatest tyre manufacturer in the region but if you don’t get the word out your competitor who makes half your quality is going to get more sales. So what are you waiting for, gear up for FY 2024 and take a leap into the realm of digital with Blue Whale Media

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