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Your Digital Marketing & Technology Powerhouse

Our Values


We are open and honest.

We offer no bullshit

We value Operation Transparency. We might say "Yes" and we might also say "No" to you.

Because we can advise you better on digital marketing.


Built with heart and brain

We work with human no matter which digital media we use. We always keep in mind that we talk to 'people' not robots. So, we want to have your communication strategy designed in that way.


We don't F**** the customer

Sorry for the language, but that's true. Let's keep it real.

If you get paid, we get paid. You are our lifeblood. We want you to win, so we win.

This is a team-effort.


We want be part of

your team.

Not your "External agency".

Two independent parts of a machine working separately cannot get the machine run.

We’re grateful to work with incredible clients

Australia's fastest growing Sports Court Installation and Sports Warehouse Group

Australia's fastest growing Sports Court Installation and Sports Warehouse Group

Sri Lanka's award-winning emerging Bespoke Clothing Manufacturer

6 The globetrotting investor.jpeg

Value Investor | Influencer

Hand made jewellery manufacturer

Hand made jewellery manufacturer

Dhaka Threads.pngWholesale Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Construction manufacturer and retailer

Home Loan Services Start-up in Australia

Home Loan Services

Start-up in Australia

Designing and Creative Start-up in Australia

Designing and Creative

Start-up in Australia

White Trans.png

Digital Marketing Consulting


Fastest growing tech-startup in Sri Lanka operating locally & Internationally


Delivery & Courier Service

Coaching Runway.png

Coaching and Mentoring Platform


Sri Lanka’s First Fully Integrated Digital Lottery Platform

Comfy Lanka Tours_edited.jpg

Tours & Travel

Crystal Property Group.jpeg

Real Estate Agents

Our Services

Digital Marketing Strategy | Social media marketing | Blue Whale Media

Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to boost your business? We've got your back. We dive deep into the market, pinpoint what makes you stand out, and then go all in. We'll work out where your money works best and keep tweaking till it's spot on. 


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Want to rock social media? Let's do it. We dive into the platforms your audience loves, make some noise, and get them talking about you. More followers, more chats, more results. 

Content marketing | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Content Marketing

Want your brand to shine? We're on it. We craft killer content that speaks to your audience. Relevant, consistent, and valuable. 

Social media advertising | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Social Media Advertising

Want to hit your audience spot on? We've got the tools. We plug into social media, catch their eye, and get them buzzing about you. More looks, more buzz, more wins. 

Google Ads | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Google Ads

Want to dominate online? Let's get you there. We master Google Ads to bring the right folks straight to you. More clicks, more customers, more cash in the bank. 

Campaign planning and management | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Campaign Planning and Management

Want to crush it in digital? We are your crew. We strategize and roll out campaigns that make waves. More growth, better ROI, goals smashed. 

Website content writing | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Website Content Writing

Want your website to pop? We're on it. Our pros whip up content that pulls folks in. More visitors, more action, more buzz online. 

Email marketing | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Email Marketing

Want emails that people actually open? Let's make it happen. We dish out messages your audience digs. Personal, on-point, and driving results. 

Personal brand building | digital marketing | Blue Whale Media

Personal Brand Building

Want to be the name everyone remembers? We've got you. We'll carve out your unique vibe and splash it online. Stand out, show your worth, and hit those career highs. 

We meet Passion with Creativity.

We design for people.


Banking & Finance



Information & Technology

Travel & Hospitality

Creative Thoughts


Real Estate





Expertly skilled team delivering exceptional service

Started small in 2022, Blue Whale Media had a simple mission: do digital marketing right. 


Now? We're global. Serving big names, rolling out killer digital solutions, and making waves.


Our squad? Top-notch. Driven by passion, they're here to knock it out of the park for our clients.


Dealing with deep pockets or big influencers? We're the A-team for A-listers, managing the social scene and more, no matter where you're from.


Always on the pulse of what's hot in digital, we keep innovating. Because every client deserves our best shot.


Need a digital ally who's got your back? Blue Whale Media's where it's at. No fluff, just results.



Let’s Work Together

Tel: +94 766 76 75 79

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